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Our Sweets and specialties

We sell the following sweet pastries and specialties. They are for those who fancy delicious, extraordinary sweets for breakfast, tea time or for dessert. Please click on one to find out more.

 Donuts   Schneckennudels   Strawberry Jam   Cheese Croissants 

Our donuts are healthier than those of the big donut or coffee chains but still taste better because they their ingredients are chosen more carefully and because they are made by a local professional baker working with empathy and care and not by a mass production which has to be highly efficient and cheap.
We offer donuts with cheese, powder sugar, milk chocolate and dark chocolate.
This specialty is very popular in Europe, especially in southern Germany and Austria were it's origins can be found. It is made from a long flat string (or noodle) which is rolled up giving it a look like a snail-shell where its German name Schneckennudel (=snail-noodle) comes from. Its creme and raisins round up its unique taste.
Our strawberry jam is of course, as any other of our products, hand-made. There is less sugar and no artificial flavoring, coloring or preservative in it making it a lot healthier than the jam you can get in the supermarket. Nevertheless, it can be kept for a long time without getting rotton if stored cool or cold. And trust us, you will taste the difference, the natural perfectness!
Croissants originally come from France but are also very popular in Germany, now. For those who don't like sweet things or sometimes prefer hearty food to sweet pastries, our cheese croissants are the optimal small snack for in-between when you don't have the time or the cuttlery and ingredients with you to add toppings to them. You can just take them along and eat them right as they are enjoying the delicious taste.